Welcome & Bon Apetit

Welcome & Bon Apetit

Welcome to ‘Scraping the Bowl’ where I will serve up a mixed platter of recipes, reviews, and random ramblings about all things food. 

A cunning combo of food and writing – the two loves of my life- what could be better?  As a lifelong food eater, maker and grower, thinking about food and writing about food have been strong undercurrents, dragging me to where I find myself now: marooned on a happy island where I am working doing something I love.  As a professional cook, life is not all chocolate cake and muffins, but I hope you will share my culinary journey, and that together we will create something good – to read, and to eat!

Please note that the title of my blog is not to be confused with the phrase’ scraping the barrel’!  The writing may be less than top-notch, but I’m aiming for something fun and unfussy.  I used to scrape the cake bowl when I was a girl when making cakes at home with my mum – an illicit sort of pleasure.

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